Elusive Hope

ImageMagnolia is far, far away from the charmed life she is used to. In fact, she is on a completely different continent from her charmed life in Georgia. Of course, that was before the Civil War, before the incident with Martin, before her father decided all of the hopes and dreams for the Scott family rested on Magnolia’s slim shoulders. And as far as that insufferable Hayden Gale goes-well, he may be good-looking but he is as far from a gentleman as a man can get! But it is so infuriating how he manages to get under her skin! Now if only he will cooperate and be her guide to Rio so she can go back to Georgia and try to regain her life. Sure she will have to fib and tell him he will receive a large sum of money at the end of the journey, but really, anything to get her home and back to a semblance of normal. Away from Brazil, away from her father, and away from Hayden’s tempting good looks. And getting away from the strange happenings around their village will be wonderful too. Several people say they have seen ghostly visions of people they knew, people who hurt them in the past. But that’s impossible…isn’t it?

Oh Marylu, you spoil me. Writing such wonderful stories with characters that I am sad to leave at the last turn of the page. I love it! The banter between Hayden and Magnolia made me laugh out loud and scare my dogs, which made me laugh more 😉 Cannot wait for the next book in the series!

**I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**


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